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Contemporary Art That Reveals What’s Hidden In The Dark

Contemporary Art That Uncovers What’s Hidden In The Dark

(c) Lucas Zimmermann “Traffic Lights” // photography (2015)

By the light of day, black reveals its many shades. Literally, but also in an emotional, psychological und philosophical sense. The group show SHADES OF BLACK exhibits various contemporary positions on what is less a color than a symbol. In fact, black isn’t a color at all, but appears when all colors are brought to their darkest value. It is the absence of light, representing the primal fear of nothingness, death and isolation, yet is associated with infinity, silence and elegance.

Black can seem threatening or stabilizing when the world is about to turn upside down. It is ever-present and timeless, though mysterious and magic. And when interacting with its counterpart white, it shows its authoritative, intense and powerful nature. Minimalistic on one hand, multi-facetted on the other, the exhibited positions by Anton Höger, Dura, Jesse Draxler, Eudald De Juana, Federico Clapis, Lucas Zimmermann, Czarnobyl, Rémy Hysbergue, Martin Paul Müller, Ronit Baranga and Stefan Zsaitsits uncover, what is hidden in the dark.

SHADES OF BLACK, curated by Yeliz Kaiser and Anja Delastik, runs from September 13th until October 26th at Størpunkt Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tengstrasse. 32a in Munich.

(c) Jesse Draxler “Untitled Study 5” // mixed media on wood panel (2018)
(c) Ronit Baranga „Watcher” // clay and acrylic paint ( 2019)
© Martin Paul Müller „Hader 5” // oil on canvas (2017)
(c) Anton Höger „Without Words” // oil on canvas ( 2019)
Shades of Black @ Størpunkt Gallery for Contemporary Art Munich // Sept 13 – Oct 26 // (c) Lucas Zimmermann

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