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Kat Von D: “My Idea Of Beauty Is A Lot Different Than Most People’s”

Kat Von D: “My Idea Of Beauty Is A Lot Different Than Most People’s”

As Jim Davis might rightfully stated: “Kat rules the world” // Kat Von D // (c) Kat Von D Beauty

She’s just had her first baby with husband Leafar Sayer, singer of Cholo Goth duo Prayers. Together, they reside in an opulent castle like home in Los Angeles that the natural born creator, planned herself. Yet, before that, Kat Von D also designed, built and expanded her own business empire.

AS LONG AS IT’S BLACK is a blogazine for those who find inspiration, pleasure and beauty in darkness. Who search for it in music, art, fashion, literature, places and other people. Who pay attention to obscure details and dare to take a deeper look. Who enjoy being different, but find comfort in knowing that they are not alone. AS LONG AS IT’S BLACK is a mindset, a cross-referencer and a common denominator – beyond cliché and niche, genre and gender, limits and boundaries. It unites and invites those who share a passion for everything AS LONG AS IT’S BLACK.


AS LONG AS IT’S BLACK was founded by Anja Delastik. While studying at university, she started writing for a goth music magazine and was appointed editor after completing her master in literature and art. Later, she began working for various mainstream lifestyle magazines and eventually was named editor of German Cosmopolitan. Today, she works as a freelance creative consultant, author and journalist for different publications – and has just curated her first group exhibition for a contemporary art gallery.

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