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Tiny Monsters And Giant Antlers: The German Museum Of Hunting And Fishing in Munich

Tiny Monsters And Giant Antlers: The German Museum Of Hunting And Fishing In Munich

The Irish elk (megaloceros giganteus) stood about 2.1 meters tall at the shoulders and carrying the largest antlers of any known cervid – a maximum of 3.65 meters from tip to tip. Unfortunately, this beauty went extinct about 11,500 years ago. // (c) AS LONG AS IT’S BLACK

DAY WALKING // In every city there are obvious sights to see and places to go. And then there are secret spots and hidden gems. The German Museum Of Hunting And Fishing in Bavaria’s capital Munich is one of them, a must-see for taxidermy enthusiasts.

Contemporary Art That Reveals What’s Hidden In The Dark

Contemporary Art That Uncovers What’s Hidden In The Dark

(c) Lucas Zimmermann “Traffic Lights” // photography (2015)

By the light of day, black reveals its many shades. Literally, but also in an emotional, psychological und philosophical sense. The group show SHADES OF BLACK exhibits various contemporary positions on what is less a color than a symbol. In fact, black isn’t a color at all, but appears when all colors are brought to their darkest value. It is the absence of light, representing the primal fear of nothingness, death and isolation, yet is associated with infinity, silence and elegance.

AS LONG AS IT’S BLACK is a blogazine for those who find inspiration, pleasure and beauty in darkness. Who search for it in music, art, fashion, literature, places and other people. Who pay attention to obscure details and dare to take a deeper look. Who enjoy being different, but find comfort in knowing that they are not alone. AS LONG AS IT’S BLACK is a mindset, a cross-referencer and a common denominator – beyond cliché and niche, genre and gender, limits and boundaries. It unites and invites those who share a passion for everything AS LONG AS IT’S BLACK.

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